July 27, 2010

Nutrition Care Manual Now Available Through the Eskind Digital Library

It is a Joint Commission requirement that VUMC physicians and staff be able to access our Nutrition Care Manual. The Nutrition Care Manual we use is the on-line ADA Nutrition Care Manual and the (new) Pediatric Nutrition Care Manual . Both manuals are now available through the Eskind Digital Library (EDL) from any Vanderbilt computer with Web access. The manual contains information about nutrition interventions for diseases and conditions, as well as patient education materials.

The on-line manual can be accessed by typing “nutrition care manual” into the search box on the EDL home page. The Nutrition Care Manual link will come up, along with the user name and password to use (small print under the link). The same access info is used for both manuals.

In addition, EDL now subscribes to a nutrition-specific evidence based resource, the ADA Evidence Analysis Library. The ADA Evidence Analysis Library contains systematic reviews on a variety of practice-related nutrition topics, as well as evidence-based Nutrition Practice Guidelines for many diseases and conditions. Both the systematic reviews and the Nutrition Practice Guidelines are used to develop policies, care protocols, and protocol order sets at VUMC.

The ADA Evidence Analysis Library is listed in the on-line catalogue, ACORN. To access the Evidence Analysis Library, point your browser to http://www.adaevidencelibrary.com/ and sign in with the following information:
Username: Vanderbilt                Password: welcome