July 29, 2010

Vanderbilt Telephone Service Interruption Sunday, August 1

Information Technology Services (ITS) plans to perform maintenance to the Vanderbilt telephone system this Sunday morning, August 1, 2010 from 4:01 a.m. until 5 a.m., resulting in a telephone outage. The Red Phone system will be active during this time. Though we have scheduled an hour for this maintenance, we expect all phone service to be fully restored in about 15 minutes (i.e., by 4:15 a.m.) for all parts of the Vanderbilt telephone system.

Following the maintenance, it is important for voicemail box owners to check for new voice messages even if the voicemail indicator light is off. All other phone settings, like call forwarding and speed dial, should remain unchanged but it is wise to verify all telephone settings are intact and reset them if necessary.

Items of note:

• Student telephones will remain online and are not affected by this maintenance.

• Operator Services will announce when the maintenance begins and when it is complete via the VUMC overhead paging system.
• During the outage associated with this maintenance emergency phones will not be operational. Vanderbilt Police can be contacted via cell phone by dialing 615-421-1911 in the event of emergency or by dialing 615-322-2745 to contact Dispatch.
• The VUMC panic button system will not be operational during the outage associated with this maintenance. Please contact Vanderbilt Police using the numbers above.
• An updated red phone directory, which should be printed and placed next to each red phone, may be obtained at the following web-site.: http://its.vanderbilt.edu/voice/redphone_dir.

If you have questions, please contact ITS at 3-9999.
Information Technology Services