August 10, 2010

Pizza Perfect Catering Thanks Vanderbilt Employees with a Chance to Win a Free Meal for Your Department

Win A Free, Catered, Lunch or Dinner for Your Vanderbilt Department
from Pizza Perfect Catering!

How about a free lunch or dinner for you and nine of your associates featuring:

Home-made spinach lasagna
A selection of our deli sandwiches
Fresh baked garlic bread
House salad
Iced tea

All you need to do is visit the Pizza Perfect Catering Menu on our website
and answer the following four questions:

1. What two types of lettuce go into our house salad?
2. What side item do you get when you order a No. 2 sandwich box?
3. What two types of home-made lasagna do we offer?
4. What kind of cheese do we feature on our deli sandwiches?

Just Google ‘Pizza Perfect’ or go to to find the answers.

Please e-mail your answers to by Aug. 24. All e-mails must be sent via a ‘’ e-mail address and include your name, title, department and Vanderbilt phone number.

Want To Double Your Chances?

Tell a Vanderbilt associate about this offer. Have them go to the Pizza Perfect website and submit the answers from their own Vanderbilt e-mail address along with your name. You’ll each win the free lunch or dinner mentioned above for your department. (Sorry, but forwarded e-mails or cut-and-paste answers will be disqualified from the drawing).

On Aug. 26, we will randomly pick a winner and notify you. Then we’ll set a date for you and your associates to enjoy a delicious, catered lunch or dinner. No strings attached and free delivery. This offer is good for any and all Vanderbilt Departments and offices located in Davidson County, Tennessee. The catered lunch or dinner will be delivered only to Vanderbilt property with approval of departmental heads. All e-mail addresses obtained will only be used by Pizza Perfect to notify you of future specials.