August 12, 2010

The Vanderbilt Orthopaedic Institute Fitness Center's Golf Injury Prevention Program

The Vanderbilt Orthopaedic Institute Fitness Center is like no other workout facility you have ever experienced. We have created a non-intimidating, comfortable exercise environment that puts you first.

Our staff is comprised of wellness experts and health care professionals who will help you improve your cardiovascular fitness, strength and general conditioning. Our staff will also be able to manage your chronic injuries and make certain that you are able to exercise without pain.

 At the Orthopaedic Fitness Center you have the ability to choose from a multitude of high end strength training and cardiovascular exercise equipment. There are no time limits for use and no waiting, and our expert staff is always available for consultation.

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Golf Injury Prevention

Golf can be relaxing, frustrating and exhilarating, but the one thing it should never be is painful. However, when you look at the motion of a golf swing it puts the body in positions it should never be allowed to be in.

So, how do you play golf and prevent chronic injuries such as low back and shoulder pain and improve your performance by hitting the ball farther?

Sign up for PAR 3 at the Orthopaedic Fitness Center. Each member receives a movement screening looking at joint stability and mobility. The results from the screening will show areas where your golf swing is being effected, thereby making your swing mechanics ineffective.

A Titleist Performance Institute Certified Specialist will examine your results and work with you through one-on-one training sessions to correct your areas of weakness and instability.

Then your specialist will work with you on training and conditioning to help you build muscles and use them effectively in your swing so you perform better on the course.

PAR 3 packages start as low as $50. For more information, call the Orthopaedic Fitness Center at 322-4540 or e-mail Jasper Richardson at