August 24, 2010

Children with Normal Balance Function Needed for a Study on Balance Tests for Children

Researchers at Vanderbilt are conducting a study to learn new methods of balance evaluation in young children who do not require a behavioral response.

We are looking for children with normal balance function to volunteer. Participants will listen to sounds through earphones, watch a red dot on the wall and ride in a slowly rotating chair. In another test, children will stand on a platform that moves. During the last test, children will have some warm distilled water dribbled in their ear.

Participants needed: children with normal balance function
Visits: up to two visits
Time: one to two hours per visit
Compensation: $25 per visit (up to $50 total)

If you are interested in participating in this study or learning
more about it, please contact Bethany Wenger at or call 322-7384.