August 26, 2010

Benefits Open Enrollment: MyVUMC Breaks it Down

The annual Open Enrollment period for Vanderbilt’s benefits-eligible faculty and staff will be here soon. Open Enrollment is Oct. 1–15, and there are a lot of changes to communicate this year.

Vanderbilt's myVU and MyVUMC will help break down the changes in stories you will see from now until the end of September. You will also receive very important Benefits Open Enrollment communications in the mail from Human Resources, and the HR website will be a valuable resource if you have questions.

The first big change: For the first time in four years, EVERYONE MUST COMPLETE AN ONLINE ENROLLMENT FORM. Even if you plan to waive every benefit, you must complete an online enrollment form, or you will receive default benefits.

The default benefits will be:
Health Plan — Aetna Standard, employee-only coverage (even if you currently waive the Health Plan)
Dental Plan — waive (no coverage)
Vision Plan — waive (no coverage)
Accidental Death and Dismemberment — waive (no coverage)
Flexible Spending Accounts — waive (no spending accounts)

For more information on Open Enrollment, visit or contact: