September 16, 2010

Vanderbilt Researchers need African-American Volunteers for a Study on the Causes of Alzheimers Disease

Researchers at Vanderbilt are looking for African-American volunteers for a study on the genetic and environmental causes of Alzheimer disease (AD).

AD happens more often in African-Americans, yet many African-Americans are not diagnosed and treated due to common misconceptions about aging and memory loss.

We are looking for individuals with a diagnosis of AD or memory problems. We are also looking for individuals age 60 years or older who do not have memory problems.

You do not have to come to Vanderbilt to be in the study. You will be asked to give information about your family and medical history, take a memory test and have a short neurological examination. A blood sample will be drawn.

You will receive payment for your time. Each year we will send you a newsletter with updates on the progress of research on AD.

For more information contact:
Benita Lynch, R.N.
322-1305 or toll free at (888) 717-4319