September 28, 2010

Research Subjects Needed for a Study on Auditory Motion Perception

A study of auditory motion perception.
We are interested in how people can tell the paths of moving sounds, such as traffic sounds.

Who is eligible?
Children: ages 9-12
Adults: ages 18-35
Adults: ages 55-70

What do I do?
The  visit will last between one hour and 90 minutes.
You will have your hearing and vision screened.
You will sit in a quiet room and listen to traffic sounds. You will push a button to say whether a car seemed to be turning or going straight.

Compensation: $20 for the single session.
For more information, contact and please provide a phone number where you can be contacted.

Study directed by
Dan Ashmead, Ph.D. (936-5114)
Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center
Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences