September 28, 2010

Join the Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center for National Lee Denim Day - Friday, Oct. 8

Join us for National Lee Denim Day - Friday, Oct. 8.

National Lee Denim Day has been raising money to fight breast cancer $5 at a time for 14 years. The concept: donate $5 to the cause and you get to wear jeans to work on that Friday. Because so many faculty and staff at Vanderbilt University Medical Center cannot wear jeans to work because they spend their day caring for patients in our clinics and hospitals, we have decided to participate in a different way this year.

We have started a team whose goal is to raise funds and offer folks a chance to participate however they can. If they can wear jeans to work, that’s great. But if they can’t, maybe they can wear a denim shirt, skirt or scarf, make a ribbon out of a strip of denim to wear on your lapel or take some other creative approach. Just be sure, if you are Vanderbilt faculty and staff, that whatever you choose to do is in keeping with the policies and practices of your department.

Interested in joining our team? Click Here to learn more.