October 5, 2010

Vanderbilt Fall Catering Special from Pizza Perfect


Pizza Perfect Catering

-Home-Made Beef or Spinach Lasagna -
-House Salad -
-Fresh Baked Garlic Bread -
-Brewed Iced Tea -

Just $8.90 per person!

When Pizza Perfect says “home-made,” we mean it:

Our lasagna is prepared by our staff the day of your event. Salads are served with our very own Italian dressing. We bake our garlic bread through-out the day in our busy, gas-fired ovens. And even our tea is brewed fresh each morning.

If you haven’t yet tried Pizza Perfect for an event or office meeting, you’re missing out. Just ask any of the dozens of Vanderbilt departments who order from us on a regular basis.

Our fresh, wholesome and delicious menu will keep you, your staff AND your P-Card happy. (And yes, we accept purchase orders.)

This special is only available by calling our catering office at 301-3940. Please do not call our 21st Ave. location regarding this special.

The October Special is prepared per ten people. Includes free delivery, plates, napkins, cups, utensils and ice. Just $89.00 for ten people. (Normally $99.00). This special is available in multiples of ten for larger events.

Visit our Catering Menu and special Vanderbilt Page on-line
by Googling Pizza Perfect.