October 7, 2010

Jan Rosemergy Named Deputy Director of the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center

Jan Rosemergy, Ph.D., Director of Communications and Dissemination, has been named Deputy Director of the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center. Rosemergy has more than 25 years' experience in directing the Center's disability research and outreach communication, and in organizing and implementing continuing education activities. In her new role, Rosemergy will assist in developing and researching programmatic initiatives.

“It was a natural fit for Jan to take on this role as Deputy Director,” said Center Director, Elisabeth Dykens, Ph.D. “She is such an impressive advocate for the Center. She knows its history, its strengths, and its challenges. She really has its best interests at heart. She also knows Vanderbilt, is a creative thinker, and has great insights into where we can go in the future. I feel very much at ease and honored to have her represent us. ”

Rosemergy will continue her role as Director of Communications.