October 26, 2010

2010 Vanderbilt Conte Center Symposium, Friday, Nov. 5, 1 p.m.

The Conte Center's third annual symposium, "More than a Feeling: Serotonin's Impact on Brain and Behavior," is on Friday, Nov. 5,  at 1p.m. in Flynn Auditorium at the Vanderbilt University Law School.

Speakers and schedule for this year's event are:

• 1 p.m., Ronald Emeson, Ph.D., Vanderbilt University, "Serotonin Receptor Dysfunction and Prader-Willi Syndrome."

• 1:45 p.m., Cynthia Bethea, Ph.D., Oregon Health and Science University, "Ovarian Steroid Actions on Serotonin Neuron Viability and Behavior in Nonhuman Primates."

• 2:30 p.m., Tim Oberlander, M.D., Children's Hospital, University of British Columbia," Mood, Molecules and Methylation: Effects of prenatal exposure to SSRIs and maternal mood on early childhood development."

• 3:15 p.m., reception and poster session.

• 4 p.m., Randy Blakely, Ph.D., Vanderbilt University," Rare Insights into Autism Gene Networks via Serotonin Transporter Knock-in Mice."

• 4:45 p.m., Mriganka Sur, Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "Effects of Serotonin on Cortical Development and Autism."

This event is co-sponsored by the Vanderbilt Brain Institute, Department of Pediatrics, Department of Pharmacology, Department of Psychiatry, the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center and the Center for Molecular Neuroscience.

For additional information and instructions on how to register for the event, please go to the Conte Center website at http://vandyconte.org or contact Denise Malone at 936-1898 or Denise.Malone@vanderbilt.edu.