November 2, 2010

Health Plus Announces Fitness Center Access to Part-time Faculty and Staff

Effective immediately, the Health Plus fitness facility will be available for regular part-time faculty/staff and will offer:

• Health risk assessments (required)
• Biometrics (body composition, blood pressure, weight, and height)
• Fitness prescriptions
• Fitness assessments
Group fitness classes on-campus and at off-site locations

Requirements for participation will include:
• A valid Vanderbilt identification card
• Completion of a yearly Health Risk Assessment
• Regular part-time and full-time faculty/staff status

“We are indeed excited about offering this benefit to part-time staff whose health and well being is so important to the overall success of this institution,” said Lori Rolando, M.D., MPH, Health Plus medical director.

For eligibility information and details on the Health Plus fitness facility call 343-8943 or visit the website at