November 17, 2010

Put Your Razor on the Shelf to Support Movember

Put Your Razor on the Shelf to Support Movember

You may have noticed more hairy faces than usual around the Medical Center. The medical Hematology/Oncology fellows and several faculty members are participating in Movember, a month-long event to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer and testicular cancer research.

Prostate cancer will affect one in six men in their lifetimes and although it is highly treatable if caught early, approximately 30,000 men will die each year of the disease. Testicular cancer often affects young men in the prime of their lives and causes them to undergo surgery, chemotherapy, and/or radiation therapy and deal with lifelong side effects.

This Movember team is called the "Vandy Mustachios." The effort will culminate in a party at the end of the month. Prizes will be awarded for various styles, including the fullest mustache, the most original, and the "Magnum P.I.".

Please consider joining or donating to the cause. Donation boxes are located in the Hematology clinic on the third floor and in the Oncology Clinic on the first floor in the physician workroom between the "C" and "D" hallways. Look for pictures of the team’s progress to be posted near the boxes later this week. You can also go online to ( to view pictures and make donations with a credit card.

More info about Movember activity at VUMC: