December 9, 2010

Changes to the 25th Avenue Garage and Opening of the West Garage

The newly constructed West Garage, specifically the upper two levels allocated to University Central, is scheduled to open in late December.

The parking supply for both Zone 3 and F will increase once the West Garage opens. Zone 3 will gain spaces on the 3rd floor and F-permit holders will gain spaces on the 3rd and 4th floors to replace the spaces lost due to construction on a former residential parking lot.

Please note this garage will be shared between Zone 3, F and VUMC permit holders, so you will need to pay close attention to signage and the specific space numbers designated for your use. Access to our spaces will be from the 25th Avenue entrance only. We will send a follow-up e-mail with additional details when the garage officially opens.

During December, we will also be re-allocating the spaces in the 25th Avenue Garage. The Zone 3 parking area will be moved to the upper levels of the garage and the F-permit parking area will be moved to the lower levels. This new allocation provides a more effective division between the F and Zone 3 parking areas.

Through a cooperative agreement with the Medical Center, we will also be gaining much needed visitor parking on the ground level. This area of campus has lacked sufficient visitor parking and these spaces will fulfill that need.

The Office of Traffic and Parking will not begin strictly enforcing these areas until the students return from winter break and have the opportunity to move their cars. The following is the new distribution of parking spaces in the 25th Avenue Garage. Although the changes will be made during December, enforcement will not begin until Jan. 14.

F-Permit: spaces 1 – 280
Paid visitor: spaces 281 – 372
Zone 3: spaces 373 – 1041

The new garage has given the Office of Traffic and Parking the opportunity to re-allocate its parking supply so that F and Zone 3 permit holders, as well as visitors, gain parking in the overall system.