December 21, 2010

ResearchMatch Connects Volunteers with Research Studies

ResearchMatch is a Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA) Consortium activity to develop the first not-for-profit national, disease-neutral, centralized web-based volunteer recruitment registry that will connect individuals who wish to participate in research with eligible researchers nationwide.

 ResearchMatch has a simple goal – to bring together two groups of people who are looking for one another: people who are trying to find research studies, and researchers who are looking for people to participate in their studies. It is a free and secure registry that has been developed by major academic institutions across the country, with the mission of helping today’s studies make a real difference for everyone’s health in the future.

Who funded the development of ResearchMatch?
• The National Center for Research Resources – a part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Who were the faculty involved in designing the project?

• Gordon Bernard, M.D., principal investigator for Vanderbilt's CTSA and associate vice chancellor for Research

• Paul Harris, Ph.D., research associate professor of Biomedical Informatics and Biomedical Engineering

Why might ResearchMatch appeal to you?

• The public is significantly interested in finding clinical research studies and regularly uses the Internet to search for research opportunities reports more than 40 million page views per month (50,000 visitors daily)

• The public is not always aware of its options for participating in research

• Nearly one in five internet users have searched online for experimental treatments or medicines, with a new diagnosis (especially a serious condition) further motivating such actions

• The system employs popular and thus familiar ‘matching’ model (e.g.

• It's convenient and easy to use and relieves the burden of searching for the right study from the volunteer
• It promotes volunteer choice; there is no obligation to participate in studies
• It is available for anyone and everyone (disease-neutral site – healthy volunteers are welcome)
• It communicates to taxpayers and legislators a feature of the CTSA that has potential to benefit public health
• Patient recruitment continues to be a major barrier to the completion of research studies nationwide
• It offers a call to action – people can visit the site and consider joining as a ResearchMatch volunteer.

What does it cost to join ResearchMatch?
ResearchMatch is a not-for-profit activity and is free to join.

Visit the site at:  

Visit the volunteer FAQ page for more information: