December 21, 2010

Power Down Before Leaving for the Holidays

If you are going to be away from work or home for an extended period of time over the holidays, remember to power down your office or home before you leave. This is a great opportunity to reduce your energy consumption and environmental impact.

• Turn off and unplug your computer, monitor and printer. Many types of electronic equipment still draw small amounts of electricity even when turned off, so it is important to unplug them as well.

• Turn off and unplug any copiers, fax machines, TVs and peripherals that will not be in use while you are gone.

• Turn off your office and desk lights.

Check the thermostat setting and set to 65 degrees.

Visit the Vanderbilt Think One energy conservation website for information on many other ways you can conserve energy now and throughout the year.

Miscellaneous tips:

- Water your plants.
- Remove your food/leftovers from office refrigerator.
- Leave out-of-office messages on your e-mail and voicemail.