December 23, 2010

American Airlines Unavailable via Orbitz for Vanderbilt University Business

American Airlines has removed its flight content from and the Orbitz for Business website.

When booking on American at American Airlines' website, please use our Vanderbilt University CART number to receive our discount. Click here for American Airlines Vanderbilt Corporate Code.

For existing and Orbitz for Business reservations, we’d like to offer the following guidance:

• All future American Airlines flights booked on or before Dec. 21 for future travel will be honored by American Airlines.
• Existing reservations made prior to Dec. 21 can still be viewed by Orbitz for Business customer service representatives.
• Orbitz for Business customer service representatives will still be able to handle refunds, courtesy cancelations, voids and seat assignment changes.
• Orbitz for Business customer service representatives will be able to accept schedule changes; however, schedule changes that require re-accommodation will need to be handled directly with American Airlines through the general reservations number at (800) 433-7300.
• Reservation changes and/or exchanges must be made directly with American Airlines general reservations’ agents. Alternatively, Orbitz for Business customer service representatives can call American Airlines general reservations on behalf of a traveler to change or exchange a ticket.

For your convenience, Orbitz for Business will send a message to all customers that have an existing reservation on American Airlines between Dec. 21 and Jan. 7, including trips currently in progress. This message will alert the traveler that American Airlines content will no longer be available on the Orbitz for Business website and that any changes to reservations should be made with an Orbitz customer service agent or directly through American Airlines general reservations. In addition, a global message from Orbitz for Business will display on the air search results directing travelers to call customer service for additional flight options not shown.

As soon as we have the new CART number for booking American Airlines on, it will be posted on our travel website.