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Nominations sought for teaching, research awards


11/03/2011 - Nominations are being sought for the 2012 VUMC Academic Enterprise Faculty Awards in Teaching (School of Medicine) and Research (School of Medicine and School of Nursing Faculty).

Award recipients are nominated by their faculty colleagues in the schools of Medicine and Nursing, and are chosen by 2012 VUMC Academic Enterprise Faculty Awards Selection Committees.

The nomination package must include a letter of nomination, typically from a department chair or center director, three supporting letters from colleagues and an up-to-date curriculum vitae.

Nominations for School of Medicine Teaching Awards also should include additional supporting letters from fellows, residents and students. Letters from individuals previously trained by the nominee are strongly recommended.

The deadline for nominations is Jan. 16, 2012. Nominations should be submitted electronically as a PDF file.

Nominations for School of Medicine Teaching Awards should be submitted in care of Auda Hutto in the medical school’s Office of Faculty Affairs at auda.hutto@vanderbilt.edu.

Nominations for VUMC Research Awards (both schools) should be submitted in care of Danielle Certa in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs at danielle.certa@vander-bilt.edu.

The categories of recognition for 2012 are listed below:

VUMC Research Awards

• Stanley Cohen Research Award for research bridging diverse disciplines, such as chemistry or physics, to solve biology’s most important questions;

• John H. Exton Research Award for research leading to innovative biological concepts;

• Grant W. Liddle Research Award for outstanding contributions in clinical research; and

• Charles R. Park Research Award for basic research revealing insights into physiology and pathophysiology.


School of Medicine Teaching Awards

• Robert D. Collins Teaching Award for teaching medical or graduate students or practicing physicians in the lecture setting;

• Jacek Hawiger Teaching Award for teaching graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in the classroom, lecture or small group setting; and

• R. Michael Rodriguez Teaching Award for teaching medical students, residents and/or fellows in the clinical setting; and

• Elaine Sanders-Bush Teaching Award for mentoring graduate and/or medical students in the research setting.

Award recipients will be announced at the 2012 Spring Faculty Meeting.

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