Veteran's Affairs Anesthesiology Service

The Veteran’s Affairs Anesthesiology Service provides perioperative patient care services for the Nashville’s Veterans Administration Medical Center in Nashville and the Alvin C. York campus in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Nine anesthesiologists on staff, assisted by nurse anesthetists, provide anesthesia care for the full range of surgical procedures including cardiac and thoracic surgery, orthopedic procedures including joint replacements, major vascular, neurosurgical, ENT, ophthalmic, urologic, plastic, bone marrow, and transplant surgeries. In addition, sedation services are provided in several out-of-OR sites, including radiology and MRI suites, pulmonary, cardiac catheterization, and gastroenterology suites. The service also provides primary coverage for acute and chronic pain management, emergency airway management, cardioversion, and diagnostic transesophageal echocardiography.

Senior anesthesiology residents rotate through the VA Anesthesiology Service, participating primarily in major vascular, hepatobiliary, cardiac, and thoracic procedures. Surgical and medical residents also rotate through the VA Anesthesiology Service to gain experience in airway management. The VA anesthesiology physicians also teach the Introduction to Anesthesia and Basic Airway Course for third-year medical students throughout the year. Additionally, first year medical students are provided summer internship opportunities where they gain their first exposure to patients and learn to establish intravenous access, airway management, and invasive pressure monitoring techniques. 

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