Education Program

Curriculum: a course of formative experience

Curriculum [from Latin, race course] refers to the course of deeds & experiences through which learners are transformed into more advance stages. Curriculum is prescriptive,  based on a syllabus, which specifies topics that must be understood, and to what level or standard.
  • Explicit terminal learning objectives describe intended knowledge, skills, & behaviors to be acquired.
  • Objectives inform educational activities, experiences that are intended to facilitate achievement of those learning objectives.
  • Objectives also inform performance expectations & assessments, a means of evaluating success in achieving objectives, providing opportunity for formative feedback, and ultimately determining successful completion of the rotation. 
  • The syllabus serves as a compendium of knowledge, procedures, & topics that embody this subspecialty.
Explicit descriptions of curriculum components is provided to to accelerate learning & reduce stress associated with ambiguity in the learning environment. They include elements common for all OB Anesthesiology team members, and those specific for subsets of learners(*):

Additionally, be sure to be familiar with the expectations embedded in the Daily Schedule, and in the Clinical / Procedural Guidelines.

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