Information Privacy and Security

BAA Templates for VUMC

VUMC Classification Template


 Cover Letter -  to be used with all agreements

 Covered Entity  VUMC is the Covered Entity (December 2014)
 Business Associate  Checklist - to be used when VUMC is the Business Associate
 Business Associate  VUMC is the Business Associate (December 2014)
 Red Flags Rule  Red Flag (December 2014)
 PARS  PARS (December 2014)


 * Business Associate Agreements (Revised August 2013)
           ( IM 10-10.01)
Privacy Buzz:
  * February 2014
   * Decision Tree
   * Cover Letter (to be used for all BAAs)
   * Checklist (to be used when VUMC/VACE is the business associate)

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