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On this page you'll find guidelines to develop mobile apps for the Medical Center. If you have questions, please email the mobile app team.

Are you sure an app is the way to go? Apps take a good deal of resources not only to build, but to maintain and support. In many cases a responsive website is a better solution. It is accessible by all mobile devices and enterprise support is already available through the VUMC web team. Development time is a fraction of developing a native app and changes can be made without having to redeploy through the app store.  This web page was created using responsive design. Try shrinking your browser window and watch it adjust to various screen sizes.

Steps to creating a mobile app for Vanderbilt University Medical Center

  1. Fill out the online application. It will be reviewed by the Vanderbilt Mobile Development Group whose members include faculty and staff from across the institution who have demonstrated experience in mobile development. This helps avoid duplication of effort and resources.
  2. Preview app with appropriate departments that may include patient engagement technology, risk management, legal, privacy.
  3. Work with the Vanderbilt Mobile Development Group or approved vendor to develop app.
  4. Submit iOS apps through the appropriate license administrator.*
  5. Keep the Vanderbilt Mobile Development Group apprised of launch date.

* Vanderbilt University participates in the Apple iOS developer program. For commercial app development under the Standard Program contact Joseph Beard. For enterprise (internal-only) research-related apps contact Brain Rothman. For all other enterprise apps contact Travis Waters. iOS apps may only be submitted to Apple under the Vanderbilt University license.

All apps must meet these criteria:

  • Support institutional goals
  • Improve healthcare delivery
  • If patient-directed, engage patients in managing their own health care and well-being
  • Provide a unique function related to Vanderbilt
  • Should make life easier and provide a useful benefit

Tips for making a successful app

  • Check to see if apps already exist that are similar to your idea
  • Before developing the app, find out what your intended audience would find useful
  • Keep app focused on a few features; less is often more
  • User interface must be intuitive, easy and use familiar conventions; the interface should follow VU branding
  • Update the app quarterly based on user feedback

Recent apps from Vanderbilt University Medical Center    icon for Baby Time app         icon for Coach Smart app         icon for Endo Robot app  icon for My Routine app

image of Baby Time on an iPhone                 image of Coach Smart on an iPhone      

Time and graph your contractions.                                View current heat index and lightning conditions.

Download BabyTime app from iTunes.                        Download CoachSmart from iTunes.

image of My Routine on an iPad

Create visual storyboards to help children ease anxiety about what comes next.

Download MyRoutine from iTunes (iPad only)

Drive a capsule through the stomach, colon or esophagus to find polyps, tumors and ulcers.

 Download endoRobot from iTunes.

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