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HIV Data and Specimen Repository 6-Month Project Update Form

This project is:

Ongoing: Samples/Data are either being collected or are in the process of being collected. 6 Month Update Required.
Complete: All sample/data collection is complete and has been given to PI. PI is still working on supplied samples/data.
Inactive: Not all requested samples/data have been collected; collection is suspended. 6 Month Update Required.
Closed: No further samples/data will be collected; PI has completed work on data; publication status verified. -or- All data collection is complete and provided to PI; project is continuation of prior study.


Abstracts (include meeting at which data was presented and email a copy here.)

Publications (Please provide citation)


Grant Applications Submitted


Grant Applications Funded (please include title, source and grant #)



Please remember to acknowledge the CFAR. For example:

This research was supported by the Vanderbilt-Meharry Center for AIDS Research (CFAR), a NIH-funded program # P30 AI 54999.


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