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Other CME Courses Based On the Curriculum Developed at the CPH

Although the curriculum is similar, each institution provides the faculty. Contact the individual site for more information.

Maintaining Proper Boundaries Course/ Prescribing Controlled Drugs Course
Sante Institute for Professional Education and Research
Argyle, TX
Phone: 1-800-258-4250 x271
Contact: Donella Burton
Prescribing Controlled Drugs Course
The University of Florida at Gainesville 
Tel: (352) 265-5300 or (352) 265-8242
Contact: Donna Rowland
Prescribing Controlled Drugs Course
Tel: 303-577-3232
Contact: Bill O'Neal
Distressed Physicians Courses
The University of Florida at Gainesville 
Tel: (352) 265-5300 or (352) 265-8242
Contact: Donna Rowland
Professional Renewal Center 
Lawrence, KS
Tel: 785-842-9772
Contact: Erica Herrman
Dr. Betsy White Williams
List of Treatment Centers

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