Evidence Based Practice and Nursing Research


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The VUMC Evidence-based Practice and Nursing Research Committee was established to better serve the Vanderbilt Nursing community by supporting nursing research and evidence-based practice.

VUMC Nursing Research Committee Goals

Long-term Goal:  Provide leadership for the use of evidence-based practice as an integral component of clinical practice and management decision making.

Short-term Goals (1-2 yrs):

  • Develop a template on the development of journal clubs
  • Provide oversight to the Evidence-based Nursing Practice Fellowship
  • Identify resources that are available to nurses for evidence-based nursing practice (EBNP)
  • Identify avenues for resource use/application (i.e. Zynx)
  • Identify past work and how it can be folded into current goals
  • Develop plans for "Research Day"
  • Identify ways to use EBNP as a template for developing competency
  • Develop research focused educational programs in collaboration with the CNE Committee
  • Provide consultation to nurses with clinical practice questions that may benefit from literature review
  • Provide consultation to the Clinical Practice Committee 

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