Office of Graduate Medical Education

Post-Call Fatigue Options

For house staff who are too fatigued to safely return home, several options are available through the Office of Graduate Medical Education including:  

  1. Call room space is available on an as needed basis for residents who are too fatigued to safely return home. If the call rooms assigned to your service are not available there is a napping call room in VUH with bunk beds. The room number and code will be available through Chief Residents, Program Coordinators or can be obtained from the GME Office at 615-322-4916. Please notify Environmental Services via the number posted in the room if the bed should be changed after your nap before the evening for the next resident/fellow.
  2. For house staff too fatigued to safely transport themselves home and for whom resting in a call room is not an option, transportation home with a return trip the next day is available through Checker Cab Company from Vanderbilt or any affiliated site at which you are rotating. Call 61-256-7000 for a pick-up and be specific about your location and that you are a Resident/Fellow at Vanderbilt and the GME account should be charged. The Office of Graduate Medical Education will cover the cost of the transportation but you must indicate to the dispatcher and driver to charge the GME Account
In order to control costs, we do ask that you utilize these options in the order listed whenever feasible; however, of prime importance is your personal safety during travel between work and home. 


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