MSRC Proteomics Lab

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MSRC Proteomics Laboratory FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Proteomics Laboratory?

We are located in Rm. 9160 MRBIII. Ride the elevator to the 9th floor, exit to the right and follow the signs. Visitors can find us on the Vanderbilt Interactive Campus Map.

How do I use the Proteomics Laboratory?

Start with an e-mail to Drs. HacheyFriedman or McDonald to discuss your project. We will help you identify experimental designs most likely to meet your objectives and most compatible with our methods and instrumentation.

Can I get a letter documenting the availability of the Proteomics Laboratory for my proposed project?

E-mail Drs. HacheyFriedman or McDonald to obtain a letter.  You are encouraged to contact us to discuss your project in advance of your application.

Where can I get a description of the Proteomics Laboratory for my NIH grant application?

A Word document describing the Proteomics Laboratory's Resources and Environment can be downloaded here.

Does the Proteomics Laboratory do service work for non-Vanderbilt clients?

No. The high level of use of the Proteomics Laboratory by Vanderbilt scientists precludes service to outside users.

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