Nurse Wellness

Nurse Wellness Committee

Rebecca Bell

Margie Gale, MSN, RN, CEAP
Nurse Wellness Specialist
Work/Life Connections

Michele Marie Hasselblad, MSN, RN
Administrative Director,
Invasive Cardiology
Director, Perioperative Services

"It has been amazing to learn about all of the opportunities we have at Vanderbilt to include wellness activities in work/life balance.  Being physically active and eating a well balanced diet is important to me personally and to set an example for my family."

Diane Johnson, MSN, RN
Director, Perioperative Services
Co-Chair Nurse Wellness

Jim Kendall, LCSW, CEAP
Work/Life Connections-EAP 

"The Nurse Wellness Programs is one of the specialty programs of Work/Life Connections-EAP.  Nurses play a critical role in healthcare.  They deal with stressful situations.  Our goal is to provide psychological support encouraging stress resilience and work/life balance."

Stephania McNeal-Goddard
School of Nursing Medical Center Staff Advisory Council

"Not only do I work for the School of Nursing, but I am also a big fan of nurses and think they play a major role in healthcare.  I also consider myself a staff advocate that cares about the Vanderbilt community very much, especially in regards to their safety and wellness.  I am a VUSN Wellness Commodore and am the Chair of the Medical Center Staff Advisory Council Saftey and Security Committee."

Julia Triplett, MSN, RN, MBA
Director of Staff Development
Vanderbilt Home Care Services, Inc.

"I develop individualized orientation programs for all clinical staff and coordinate all ongoing education and training needs for the agency.  Nurse wellness affects employee productivity and retention, and I hope to promote a healthy lifestyle through example.  I am a positive person and try to 'infect' those I encounter. I am a huge Pilates advocate, walk the trails at Radnor Lake, and enjoy spending time with my 3 kids and husband as much as I can."

Marayet Warner-Francis, RN

"I am a Wellness Commodore and keep my unit up to speed on what the Nurse Wellness Committee is doing.  I also survey the nurses to see what they want from Vanderbilt to help them achieve their goal of wellness.  I make time for reading, exercising and spending quality time with my son, which keeps me balanced."




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