Nurse Residency Program (New Grads)

Acute Surgical

About the Adult Surgical Track

The Adult Surgical Track is geared toward new nursing graduates who seek to specialize in adult acute surgical nursing. The program is designed to nurture the new graduate RN in the transition from student to professional. It provides new nurses with the specific tools and experiences needed to begin a successful career in adult surgery. Once hired into the program as a full-time employee, your first few weeks are spent in a combination of classroom and clinical experiences.

Placement in a Home Unit

After orientation to Vanderbilt and its systems, nurse residents will experience a focused orientation in their clinical areas and will work with unit-based preceptors.

Support is a key element in strengthening self-assurance. Throughout the residents'  first year of practice, they are required to attend and participate Nurse Resdiency workshops, which support and encourage both clinical and professional growth.

Program Eligibility and Application Deadlines

  • Graduate Nurse
  • Professional RN with less than 6 months of professional nursing experience at the time of application.

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