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    Vanderbilt mourns loss of imaging pioneer Gibbs (November 2012)

    Declaration of Pregnancy for Vanderbilt Employees (June 2012)

    New Chair Named for Dept of Radiology and Radiological Sciences (May 2012)

    Gore named to national imaging advisory council (Jan 2012)

    Imaging technique a new tool to assess stroke risk (Jan 2012)

    VUMC adds stroke imaging technology (Jan 2012)



    Study finds alcoholics’ brains work harder to finish tasks (Nov 2011)

    Alcoholics’ ‘injured brains’ work harder to complete simple tasks (Nov 2011)

    Jeremy Kaye, M.D., Chair of Radiology and Radiologic Sciences, to Retire (Aug 2011)

    Formation of the new Vanderbilt Neuroendocrine Center (June 2011)

    Turning the tables on “unusual” tumors (June 2011)  

    Magnet to Enhance Cancer Drug Discovery (May 2011)

    Grant bolsters molecular imaging resource (April 2011)

    Brain imaging may hold clues to help children improve grammar (Mar 2011)

    National Academy of Engineering elects John Gore (Feb 2011)

    Seeing serotonin neurons in action (Feb 2011)


    Vanderbilt researchers lead imaging science & put technology to work (Fall 2010)

    Vanderbilt runs dedicated breast MR scanner (Sept 2010)

    More Breast Center services moving to One Hundred Oaks (Sept 2010)

    Vanderbilt first to use special PET scan to spot tumors (July 2010)   

    Specialized PET Scan Spots Tumors (July 2010)

    New magnet to sharpen imaging capabilities at VU (June 2010)

    SNM President-elect Dominique Delbeke, M.D., Ph.D. (June 2010) 

    Co-workers forgo personal gifts for something more meaningful (May 2010)

    New chair bolsters Gore’s imaging research (May 2010)

    Vanderbilt researchers excel in race for extramural funds (May 2010)
    Graduation 2010: Emeritus faculty honored for years of service (May 2010)

    Vanderbilt selected as Beta testing site for SWIFT (April 2010)

    Navigation system helps guide certain radiology procedures (Feb 2010)

    Study of colorectal cancer imaging techniques bolstered (Jan 2010)

    $7.5 million grant to support imaging program (Winter 2010) 



    Vanderbilt faculty take key roles in nuclear medicine society (July 2009)  

    $7.5 million grant to support imaging program (July 2009)

    Collaboration drives surgery’s success (June 2009)

    Sandler to transition to new role, responsibilities (May 2009)

    Celebrating the Career of Dr. Richard Heller (May 2009)

    Conference to explore advances in biomedical imaging (May 2009)

    "I'm Looking Through You" named offical song of Radiology (April 2009)

    Creasy leads radiology group (March 2009)

    Breast Center gets ready for move to One Hundred Oaks (March 2009)

    OHO Preview Party (Feb 2009) 



    Breast Center lands imaging accreditation (Dec 2008)

    Vanderbilt Breast Center at 100 Oaks will be a diffeent and better place (Dec 2008)

    Radiology pioneer Pendergrass mourned (Oct 2008)

    Investigators’ work lauded by mental health research group (Aug 2008)

    Spotting ovarian cancer earlier goal of new imaging technique (July 2008)

    SNM Names Delbeke President-Elect at 56th Annual Meeting in Toronto (June 2009)

    Webcast gives viewers inside look at Deep Brain Stimulation surgery (May 2008)

    Sandler lecturer explores PET’s possibilities (May 2008)

    Delbeke elected to leadership (May 2008)

    Ultrasound institute honors thesis researcher (April 2008)

    Powerful magnet pulls in support for imaging study (March 2008) 



    VUMC Reporter Series: Neuroimaging expands research frontiers (Dec 2007)

    Radiology group lauds Patton (Dec 2007)

    New views of heart disease: The coming revolution in cardiac imaging (Oct 2007)

    Insulin’s brain impact links drugs and diabetes (Oct 2007)

    Huff named imaging director of Breast Center (Aug 2007)  

    Huff brings expertise to Vanderbilt Breast Center (Aug 2007)

    Radiology vice chairs named (Aug 2007)

    Grant boosts cancer imaging research (June 2007)

    Radiology liaison paves way for patients (April 2007)

    Radiology nurses open new chapter (April 2007)

    Heller set to join Explorers (April 2007)

    Ultrasound group lauds Lyshchik (April 2007)

    Kaye appointed Radiology chair (March 2007)


    Institute set to sharpen imaging capability (Dec 2006)

    Breast Center Mammographers offer experience, perspective (Nov 2006)

    Malcolm Sloan, longtime chief radiological technologist, dies (Oct 2006)

    Fleischer’s CME dedication honored (July 2006)

    Kaye named interim Radiology chair (July 2006)

    Radiology sees results from Magnet Recognition effort (March 2006)

    Radiology’s residency program continues reign as tops in nation (Feb 2006)

    Autopsy of the living: A brief history of imaging science (Feb 2006)

    Picturing the mind at work: The revealing beauty of brain imaging (Feb 2006)

    Biology and the human brain: Extraordinary reach of imaging science (Feb 2006)

    Peeking into the womb (Feb 2006)

    Brave New Visions: The promises and perils of imaging the brain (Feb 2006)

    A Closer Look at Drugs (Feb 2006)

    Piercing the body with precision: How imaging aids cancer fight (Feb 2006)    

    Seeing the shimmer of biology in action (Feb 2006)

    How to Make an Atomic Drug (Feb 2006)

    VUMC designated a primary stroke center (Jan 2006)

    Imaging capabilities rising with technology (Jan 2006)



    Medical students award CANDLE to Fleischer (Nov 2005)

    Center ramps up clinical trials to treat debilitating lung disorder (Oct 2005)

    Radiology’s Price named first Hounsfield Chair (Aug 2005)

    Detailed images (Aug 2005)

    Cardiovascular MRI lab offers precise tool to treat heart disease (Aug 2005)

    Breast Center offers options to high-risk cancer patients (Aug 2005)

    Ultrasound group lauds VUMC researchers (July 2005)

    Imaging research leads to CAREER award for Does (July 2005)

    Halliburton gets Radiology administration nod (June 2005)

    Faculty honored for teaching and research (May 2005)

    Radiologist wins National Science Foundation award (May 2005)

    Radiology resident program once again ranked top program in nation (March 2005)

    Heller lands distinguished service award (March 2005)

    New scanner at Hillsboro Imaging (Feb 2005)

    $27 million center to sharpen VUMC’s imaging capabilities (Feb 2005)



    Modern Obstetrics Comes to Vanderbilt: A Personal Historical Perspective (Dec 2004)

    New high-powered MRI yeilds faster scans, clearer images (Aug 2004)

    Kessler named to Roentgen radiology professorship (Aug 2004)

    Radiology residents continue to excel in board exams (Aug 2004)

    VUMC reduces high-volume diagnostic tests (Aug 2004)

    Training grant to foster cross-school collaboration (July 2004)

    Vanderbilt to acquire specialized imaging device (July 2004)

    Schulman elected to leadership role in Society for Pediatric Radiology (June 2004)

    New emeritus faculty honored (May 2004)

    Sandler named vice president-elect of Society of Nuclear Medicine (May 2004)

    Gore recognized; Imaging Institute reaches next level (Feb 2004)

    Radiology residents continue to lead American Board of Radiology exams (Feb 2004)



    Tracing the circuitry of the brain (Nov 2003)

    Inside Out: Looking at schizophrenia’s inner chaos (Nov 2003)

    Pediatric Radiology names radiology chief and associate director (Oct 2003)

    Sandler honored with Pendergrass Chair (Aug 2003)

    Center for Women’s Imaging opens (July 2003)

    Low-risk, non-invasive technology introduced for coronary imaging (May 2003)

    Functional MRI offers exciting frontiers in medicine (April 2003)

    Alcohol-damaged brains recruit new regions to perform simple tasks (April 2003)

    Calling Dr. Cheerleader (April 2003)

    VICC studies CT, X-rays to detect lung cancer (Feb 2003)



    Overcrowded VUMC emergency department turns to technology (Dec 2002)

    New radiation therapy offers promising results at VUMC (Nov 2002)

    Radiology phasing out film (Aug 2002)

    Imaging institute launched: John Gore joins faculty to lead new initiative (July 2002)

    Pendergrass receives radiology gold medal (April 2002)

    MRI eyed as cardiac cath replacement (April 2002)

    Donnelly wins New Investigator Award (March 2002)

    Radiology residents best in United States (Feb 2002)



    Cool Springs Imaging offers full range of services (Nov 2001)

    Radiologists receive Editor’s award (Nov 2001)

    Unusual Patient with National Geographic (Oct 2001)

    Technology offers quicker, detailed views of body (Sept 2001)

    NIH grant will link radiology, research (June 2001)

    Radiology remembers Thelma Fisher (March 2001)

    Radiology residents ranked No.1 (Feb 2001)

    Doppler battles uterine fibroids (Feb 2001)

    Kaye returns to VUMC radiology department (Jan 2001)



    Partain receives ABR award (Dec 2000)

    Technology gives doctors better view of tumors (Nov 2000)

    Ronald Price honored by Radiation Safety Committee (Nov 2000)

    Multi-discipline cancer imaging effort launched (Aug 2000)

    Sandler to lead Department of Radiology and Radiological Sciences (April 2000)

    Partain shifting focus to imaging research (Feb 2000)



    New technology provides clearer tumor images (Oct 1999)

    Sandler named vice chair of Radiology's Clinical Services (Sept 1999)



    Pitching in with Dr. Faxon Payne (Oct 1998)

    Radiology Faculty win awards (Oct 1998)

    Sandler named editor of Journal of Nuclear Medicine (July 1998)

    New techniques help spot pancreatic cancer more quickly (Feb 1998)



    New biopsy technique may boost accuracy (Oct 1997)

    New therapy increases lung cancer survival rates (July 1997)

    New 3-D imaging device pinpoints location of tumors (May 1997)

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