Student Community Health Coalition


Since 1968, the Student Community Health Coalition (SCHC) has supported the health initiatives of communities and community agencies.  The students, faculty, volunteers, and AmeriCorps members of the SCHC have provided health screenings, fitness activities, in-home service projects, and health education to thousands of people throughout the southeast.  The Student Community Health Coalition is a program of the Center for Health Services.

The summer program that was held throughout much of the 1970s and 1980s provided medical screening services to certain communities (i.e., Health Fairs), pursued topics of research as determined by the needs of the community, expanded university education beyond the classroom, and ultimately worked with the community to improve its quality of local health care.  The summer project consisted of a mobile medical unit staffed by students; assisting doctors from various institutions; students who did research for the special projects; and students who were summer residents in the communities, working with local residents to help solve particular problems related to sponsoring the Health Fairs and providing local health care services.

Our current program involves AmeriCorps members in service to senior citizens in 13 middle Tennessee counties.  Our objectives include improving hte daily living environment through minor home repairs and engaging seniors in activities to prevent diseases associated with aging.

The word 'health' is understood and accepted to mean 'freedom from disease' by the Student Community Health Coalition.  More broadly stated, this means physical and mental well-being, encompassing social, political, economic, environmental, and educational factors.  With this in mind, the goals of the Student Community Health Coalition involve the improvement of community health care.  Project methods utilize a multidisciplinary approach that involves medical services, special projects, and community workers.

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