Department of Urologic Surgery

Residency in Urologic Surgery



The educational mission of the Department of Urologic Surgery at Vanderbilt University is to provide a diverse experience in the medical and surgical management of urologic diseases coupled with an understanding of both clinical and basic research.  Our goal is to provide a challenging and comprehensive learning experience which prepares the resident for either a private practice or academic career founded on superior clinical skills and a solid understanding of basic science principles. We want our residents to be technically proficient surgeons but also to have a deep understanding of nonsurgical aspects of urology and management of the patient in the clinic and outpatient setting.

The Department of Urologic Surgery accepts four residents per year for a total training period of five years.  Residents are actively involved in clinical and basic research and our goal is for the resident to use the skills learned from this investigative approach so that they can be involved in life-long learning and continuing medical education.  We also aspire to prepare residents for excellence in the competencies put forward by ACGME including: patient care, medical knowledge, practice-based learning and improvement, and interpersonal and communication skills, professionalism and systems-based practice.

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