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Department of Urologic Surgery Administrative Office
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Vanderbilt University
Medical Center
Nashville, TN 37232-2765
Fax: (615) 322-8990
Vanderbilt Adult Urology Clinic
3823 The Vanderbilt Clinic
 Vanderbilt University Medical Center
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Patient Care

At Vanderbilt Urology, we offer personalized, world-class care to every patient. We are ranked among the nation's top 10 urology programs and offer the most complete, advanced care available. We serve patients of all ages at several locations for your convenience.

The Vanderbilt  Urology Clinic

The physicians of the Vanderbilt Department of Urologic Surgery are experts in a wide variety of adult Urologic conditions.​

Diagnosis and treatment of all types of genitourinary cancers

An important technical advancement in the treatment of prostate cancer

Surgical procedures performed through small incisions or no incision at all

Diagnosis and treatment of bladder control disorders

Diagnosis and treatment of male sexual dysfunction

Our Pediatric Urologists care for children who have any problem with the urinary tract and/or genitalia