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Graduate Faculty


Research Specialty

Abel, Ty W.

Intracellular signaling pathways in normal CNS development and neoplasia 

Aiken, Christopher

 Molecular biology of human immunodeficiency viruses

Algood, Holly

Chronic bacterial inflammation (model organism Helicobacter); Th17 cell responses; Bacterial responses to inflammation

Atkinson, James B.

Mechanisms of cardiovascular disease (atherosclerosis/ cardiovascular disease /heart transplantation)

Aune, Tom

The use of functional genomic and epigenetic approaches to understand gene regulation.

Ballard, Dean

Post-translational modifications that regulate signal transduction in the mammalian immune system

Bock, Paul E.

Regulation of blood coagulation proteolytic enzymes

Boothby, Mark

Signaling; transcription factors; lymphocyte functions

Bordenstein, Seth

Evolutionary and functional genomics of animal microbiomes

Borza, Dorin-Bogdan

Type IV collagen in the pathogenesis of autoimmune glomerulonephritis and hereditary nephropathies

Boyd, Kelli L.


Pathology of Genetically Engineered Mice
Infection disease in animal models; cell cycle regulation and cell death mechanisms; embryonic and placental development in mice
Collaborative research involving animal models of  disease

Burk, Raymond

Selenium metabolism and function in animals and human beings

Cates, Justin M.

Pathologic and molecular diagnosis of bone and soft tissue tumors

Chappell, James

Post-transcriptional regulation of mammalian reovirus RNA

Coffin, Cheryl M.

Inflammatory myofibroblastic and other soft tumors

Cover, Timothy

Bacteria-host interactions, bacterial toxins, Helicobacter pylori, and  gastric cancer 

Crowe, James

Virology, immunology, vaccine research

Davidson, Jeffrey

Connective tissue research; Wound healing; Gene therapy

Denison, Mark

Coronavirus Replication, Cell Biology and Experimental Evolution; Emerging Infections; Synthetic Biology

Dermody, Terance

Chikungunya virus and reovirus cell entry, replication, and pathogenesis; reovirus-based vaccine vectors; oncolytic reovirus therapeutics

Drake, Wonder

The role of infectious agents in idiopathic pulmonary diseases with an emphasis on CD4+ T cell immunology, pathogenic mycobacteria, and granulomatous inflammation

Eischen, Christine

Gene regulation of  tumor development

Fazio, Sergio

Macrophage-based gene therapy of hypercholesterolemia and atherosclerosis

Fogo, Agnes

Role of growth factors in the progression   and potential regression of  chronic renal disease

Gailani, David

Regulation of hemostasis

Gomez, Oscar

Epidemiology, microbiology, and vaccine development of E. coli intestinal pathogens

Hadjifrangiskou, Maria

Bacterial virulence gene regulation; pathogenesis of urinary tract infections

Hoover, Richard

Cell-cell interactions emphasizing leukocyte-endothelial systems; endothelial cell biology

Hudson, Billy G.

Collagen biochemistry; matrix biology

Irish, Jonathan

Single cell systems biology for translational cancer and immunology research

Jerome, W. Gray 

The role of lysosomes in abnormal cholesterol metabolism, atherosclerosis, and cancer.

Joyce, Sebastian

Understanding how antigen processing and presentation regulate T lymphocyte function in health and disease: How is T cell development and survival regulated? What do T cells recognize? How are these molecules processed for proper recognition? How does antigen processing and presentation lead to the induction of the proper immune response?

Kalams, Spyros

T cell responses to HIV infection

Kendall, Peggy

B lymphocyte tolerance in type 1 diabetes

Kernodle, Douglas

Tuberculosis vaccine development, staphylococcal vaccine development, antibiotic resistance mechanisms

Kim, Annette S.

miRNA expression in myeloid neoplasms

Lacy, Dana Borden

Bacterial protein toxins, structural biology

Laposata, Michael

Fatty Acid Abnormalities in Cystic Fibros

Link, Andrew

Functional genomics and systems biology analysis of the immune response and gene expression 

Major, Amy

The role of innate and adaptive immunity in atherosclerosis

Meyrick-Clarry, Barbara

Oxidants and hypoxia-stimulated endothelial prostanoid systhesis; role of inflammation in the pathogenesis of chronic pulmonary hypertension

Moses, Harold L.

Role of TGF-beta in breast and pancreatic cancer initiation and progression

Mosse, Claudio A.

Tumor dysregulation of apoptosis pathways leading to T cell induced apoptosis resistance

Osteen, Kevin G. 

Cellular and molecular mechanisms controlling growth and differentiation in the female reproductive tract

Rollins-Smith, Louise

Amphibian immune defenses, antimicrobial peptide defenses, developmental and comparative immunology, Chytridiomycosis and global amphibian declines

Ruley, Earl

 Genetic analysis of growth control and development

Santoro, Samuel

Structure and biology of integrin adhesive receptors for extracellular matrix proteins

Schoenecker, Jonathan

 The role of Coagulation in Normal and Pathologic Orthopaedic Related Wounds

Sebzda, Eric

Combined molecular/cellular analysis of the adaptive and innate immune systems 

Seegmiller, Adam 

Regulation of fatty acid metabolism in cystic fibrosis and hematolymphoid malignancies 

Sephel, Gregory C. 

Control of matrix directed capillary morphogenesis

Shepherd, Virginia

Expression and regulation of macrophage cell surface receptors

Skaar, Eric

Bacteriology and innate immunity

Spiller, Benjamin

 Structural Biology of ion channels, virulence factors, host-pathogen relationship, and cytoskeletal regulation

Swift, Larry

Lipoprotein metabolism, lipid droplet formation, adipocyte biology

Tang, Yi-Wei

Molecular Basis of Microorganism-Related Diseases

Thomas, James (Tom)

Mechanisms that regulate immune tolerance and why they fail in autoimmune disorders such as type 1 diabetes

Valentine, William

Mechanisms of Environmental Neurotoxicants

Van Kaer, Luc

Immune regulation, MHC class I molecules, glycolipid-reactive T cells, mucosal immunity, autoimmunity

Verhamme, Ingrid A. M.

Regulation of blood coagulation proteolytic enzymes

Wallace, Jeanne M. 

Administration of animal research resources,

Post-graduate training of veterinarians in laboratory animal and comparative medicine,

Collaborative research involving animal models of human disease

 Washington, Mary Kay

Histopathology of gastrointestinal and hepatic diseases and mouse models of GI cancer

Weaver, Alissa M.

Dynamic actin assembly for cell motility and cancer metastasis

Williams, John V.

Human metapneumovirus entry, immunity and pathogenesis

Wilson, Keith T.

Mucosal immunology and inflammation; macrophages; arginine metabolism, nitric oxide, and polyamines; host-pathogen interactions; Helicobacter pylori, colitis

Woodworth, Alison L.

Clinical Chemistry, clinical endocrinology, biomarkers of maternal/fetal medicine, sepsis 

Young, Pampee

Role of vasculogenesis in tumor neovascularization. Artery and vein specific gene expression

Zijlstra, Andries

Tumor cell invasion and cancer metastasis

Zutter, Mary

Integrin-mediated cell adhesion in development, cancer, innate immunity and vascular biology