The Emotional Toll

From the Winter 2019 edition of Vanderbilt Medicine Magazine

Living with a disease for a long time can affect more than just physical well-being, a Vanderbilt University Medical Center psychologist cautions. “Sometimes we see young adults in remission (from cancer) and considered long-term survivors, but they might be having … Continued

Home away from home

From the Winter 2018 edition of Vanderbilt Medicine Magazine

Eric Quintana, MD, comes from a close and large extended Hispanic family in New Mexico – his paternal great-grandparents had 17 children; and he has three siblings and 30 first cousins. Quintana is the only member of his family to … Continued

Healing Minds

From the Summer 2017 edition of Vanderbilt Medicine Magazine

  Schizophrenia not only affects the person struggling with hallucinations, delusions and disorganized thoughts. It wreaks havoc through the entire family. Charlotte Test, of Dallas, Texas, knows that all too well. Test and her late husband Donald Test Jr., who … Continued