Alex Chern

From the Summer 2017 edition of Vanderbilt Medicine Magazine

Fourth-year student at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine; recipient of the 1982 School of Medicine Class Scholarship Graduated from Yale University with a B.S. in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry Successfully recovered and continuing his studies after being hit by a … Continued

Kevin Johnson, M.D., MS

From the Winter 2017 edition of Vanderbilt Medicine Magazine

Senior Vice President for Health Information Technology, Cornelius Vanderbilt Chair in Biomedical Informatics and professor of Pediatrics Co-sponsor of EpicLeap, a project to replace the majority of Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s clinical, administrative and billing software Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland   … Continued

Varun K. Menon

From the Summer 2016 edition of Vanderbilt Medicine Magazine

President of the first-year class and one of 91 first-year medical students who began their VUSM journey in July with a week of orientation activities and the traditional White Coat ceremony Born at Vanderbilt when his father, Satish Menon, D.O., … Continued

Suzie Brown, M.D.

From the Winter 2015 edition of Vanderbilt Medicine Magazine

“Medicine satisfies the more quantitative ‘left brain’ part of my personality, and helping people gives me immense fulfillment and sense of purpose. One of the necessary parts of being a good doctor is putting your own personal needs behind that … Continued