From the Dean

Stories, moments and impact – the ripple of medicine

In our profession, people matter. It sounds trite, yet with busy clinics and bustling personal lives it’s an axiom that may fade into the din of emails, calls, obligations and deadlines. We work in an age of sea change in … Continued


Keeping Pace

Nashville, once a mid-size city with a Southern small-town feel, is experiencing explosive growth. It’s bursting at the seams with unparalleled new construction, exciting new employment opportunities and a bustling food and entertainment scene. But along with Nashville’s rapid growth … Continued

Smart Investment

Diagnosed with colon cancer, Melba Martin, 88, needed surgery to save her life, but her colorectal surgeon, Timothy Geiger, MD, knew that her frailty and anemia, coupled with concerns about her heart, put Martin at high risk for developing complications … Continued


David Covington didn’t want to leave behind his hometown of Iowa City to move to Nashville, but when his wife, Natalie, wanted to follow her PhD adviser to Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and continue her education in Tennessee, Covington … Continued

Minds on Trial

If a man breaks into a house, dresses himself in the homeowner’s clothes, eats food from the pantry and refuses to leave when he’s discovered because he believes he rightfully owns the house, should he be held as criminally accountable … Continued

Profiles in discovery

Infectious diseases. Addiction. Mitochondrial diseases. Glioblastoma. In this issue of Vanderbilt Medicine, we share glimpses of five basic scientists in the early stages of their careers who are tackling these tough clinical problems by probing structures of individual proteins, cell … Continued

A Class Act

The glamour of being a neurosurgery resident is a yarn. It’s a world of busy calls, sharpening skills, the occasional moments of doubt, and seemingly more obligations than unlimited coffee could fuel — even if time stretched to 30 hours … Continued