From the Dean

Sense and Sensitivity

The cover story for this issue of Vanderbilt Medicine, The Science of Our Senses, offers glimpses into the kaleidoscope of advances related to the five senses, taking place across our campus. For example, Mark Wallace, Ph.D., dean of the Graduate … Continued


The Science of Our Senses

  Mark Wallace, Ph.D., drops his glasses on his desk and they land with a metallic clang. He is making a point about autism. “There’s sound energy and light energy that come from the same place in space,” said Wallace, … Continued

Healing Minds

  Schizophrenia not only affects the person struggling with hallucinations, delusions and disorganized thoughts. It wreaks havoc through the entire family. Charlotte Test, of Dallas, Texas, knows that all too well. Test and her late husband Donald Test Jr., who … Continued

Hidden figure

  Harold Jordan, M.D., has had a distinguished medical career that includes many highlights, including being chair of Psychiatry at Meharry Medical College, his medical alma mater, and serving as acting dean of the School of Medicine at Meharry as … Continued

Cracking the Code of the Immune System

  Of all the threats that face humankind, microbial invaders are among the most frightening. They can overwhelm the body’s immune defenses in a matter of hours. Modern medicine is often powerless against them. And new emerging infections are raising … Continued

Childhood Illness Inspires Sisters’ Pursuit of Medicine

  Identical twins Shelby and Sydney Payne, VUSM 2019 and 2020, respectively, use the word “adventure” and its derivatives a lot in conversation. It’s fitting because their lives have been full of it. The twins grew up with “adventurous and … Continued

Gut Reaction

  Jennifer Fleming was 22 years old, just beginning a career in a new city, when she started having some troubling symptoms. A persistently upset stomach, diarrhea and a small amount of rectal bleeding launched a barrage of tests that … Continued