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Testimonials, 2011-2015
(Taken from students' evaluations)

"I enjoyed my time at Vanderbilt and in Nashville as a whole. The research was great and the people were just as good. The students recruited are great people that I can see becoming lifelong friends. It will be a summer I' ll never forget."

"I loved this program. I thought it provided great opportunities for professional and personal development. It was exactly what I needed between my Ml and M2 summer."

"My doctor was an amazing mentor to me this summer. I learned a lot about clinical research in only ten weeks. I am very proud of my research."

"My school also offered summer research opportunities. I talked with my friends who participated in research at my home institution. I told them about the lectures and about what I saw in clinic. I don't think they got the same exposures I did."

"The summer program was an amazing experience and I would do it all over again if I had the chance."

"The program was great!"

"My mentors in our Work In Progress sessions were very knowledgeable and helpful when it came to tackling my research project problems."

"After the Poster Reception, I felt that we were really set when it came to presenting at the national symposium. All of the other Kidney posters I saw presented were done well and I felt that it reflected positively on Vanderbilt as a whole."

"My Work In Progress mentor was amazing! She gave very good feedback about our summer projects and made it clear that she was available for us. For me, personally, she gave me great career and networking advice. I really enjoyed working with her!"

"I really enjoyed my project and liked the specifics and the general skill set I got from doing it. It was also an interesting and compact project so I felt like I had accomplished something by the end of the summer. I couldn't have asked for a better type of project for a summer program."

"The program definitely made me more interested in research. Particularly the work-life balance, the emphasis on it is doable, and the emphasis that more researchers are wanted swayed me."

"The lecturers are really experts in their fields, and in many areas beyond. I am very impressed by the breadth and depth of their knowledge."

"I very much enjoyed my Work In Progress mentors and the intellectually stimulating discussions. I learned a lot in terms of the thinking process as well as knowledge and wisdom from them."

"The lectures opened my eyes to many opportunities out there and taught me a lot about the overall research field and process."

"I'm so glad I had the opportunity to take part in the Nephrology program at Vanderbilt this summer. It was a great experience!"

"Interacting with my peers from across the country at the Symposium, who all spoke the same language of research and medicine, was extremely valuable."

"I liked the Career Discussion Panel where the fellows spoke because they are the least advanced in their careers, and thus, their insight seemed to reflect well upon their experiences in medical school and residency. This was helpful to me because it allowed me to think about my career situation and the upcoming choices I have."

"I am very glad that I got to participate in this program, as I think it was a valuable experience that will hopefully help me as I pursue a future as a physician-scientist."

"Overall, a great program. The preceptors were excellent. The clinical shadowing added depth. The Symposium was a great capstone and celebration."

"The research experience is unique to each preceptor and therefore, the process for deciding pairings should remain. I do not know how pairings were decided but I feel it was done well based on my experience and the other students’ experiences."

"I had an overall amazing time at Vanderbilt. As of now, Vanderbilt is my top choice for residency. I will recommend this program to interested MIs at Creighton. Thank you for everything."

"Overall, I walked out of this program with everything I hoped to gain when I applied. I will strongly encourage students from my school to apply for this program."

"I knew I had learned a lot during the lunch meetings and shadowing, but I was surprised to see how much I did learn after taking my classes here. Seeing the pictures in pathology class was a piece of cake after a day with Dr. Fogo. Most of my classmates hated renal from beginning to the end. As for me, I think it was because of the summer that I enjoyed this block so much and, I'm sad that we moved on to hematology."

"I must say I'm satisfied with the work I completed while here despite the long  It's worth the great feeling of achievement to present your findings at the final symposium."

"The program was amazingly well run and great for medical students. It gives the students a wonderful experience and feeling for nephrology. The lunch lectures were excellent and greatly added to the overall program. I liked the variety of scheduling and speakers. I appreciate everything that the faculty members and administrators did to make this program possible."

"I think the program was very useful and I hope you continue it in the future. Another added benefit of the program is that it put Vanderbilt University on my radar for consideration during residency and fellowship."

"Keep doing what you're doing. It's great!"

"I thought the current balance of research/clinical content of the lectures was perfect. This was a research program so it was nice to have research-focused lectures, which they were. However, most of the research lectures also gave us the basic science background and clinical relevance needed to understand the research... This was very helpful because we have not yet had renal pathology and it allowed us to be able to follow what was going on.

The career discussions were actually one of the factors that made me interested in the program in the first place. I was at a point where I was trying to decide whether or not to continue pursuing research and if so how to do that. Talking to a lot of different people did really help me with this, and ended up pushing me to continue pursuing research. I think the program was very useful and I hope you continue it in the future. Another added benefit of the program is that it put Vanderbilt University on my radar for consideration during residency and fellowship."

"The research experience was very well thought out and organized which increased my interest in pursuing research as a career path, even without obtaining a Ph.D."

"The exposure to all things Nephrology was great (research, clinical and career)."

"Excellent experience!"

"I had a great summer experience at Vanderbilt. I always wanted to visit 'Vandy' and was grateful for the opportunity to visit a new city and medical school while participating in my research of interest. The MSRTP program coordinator and directors were extremely helpful in working with me to find a research project that would fulfill my summer project requirements for a special program at my medical school.

The daily lunch lectures and weekly rotations were very interesting and we were able to meet and network wilh clinical and lab researchers throughout the summer. There were also many opportunities to hang out with the other medical students and the program organized a few social events for us. I lived in one of the dorms on campus and I found that it was very easy for me to get around.

The organizers of the program were very friendly and easily accessible to answer questions or just to talk. They made sure that we were both learning and enjoying our 'last summer' before the beginning of the second year.

All in all, it was a great summer. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone interested in learning more about nephrology or those who are hesitant but want to learn what the field of research is all about. This program has made me find a new appreciation for research and I plan to further my research skills as I progress through my studies."

"I really liked the casual lunches with the physicians when they would talk about how they got to where they are now. I always enjoy hearing that because there are so many options out there and I think it’s easy to be one-track minded in medical school.

My Emphasis Research summer made me realize that maybe the path of the clinician-scientist is in my future. More specifically,I discovered that I am excited about academic medicine. Through summer research seminars and presentations I learned that it is possible to be both a clinician and a researcher, but more importantly, I have learned that it is possible to do both well."

"It was a great program that I'm very happy I had the opportunity to participate in."