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Testimonials - Vanderbilt Mouse Kidney Injury Workshop

Testimonials provided from attendees' final evaluation of Workshops.

"Wonderful! Well organized!"

"Very good lectures and excellent practical demonstrations."

"Awesome Workshop!"

"I thought that the course was excellent. Very comprehensive. Thank you very much for offering this!"

"All of the lectures were excellent."

"Excellent! I really enjoyed all of the lectures today."

"It was helpful to learn the acceptable ways of quantitating histology."

"Great instructors! Thorough with demonstrations and willing to give tips while we practiced the surgeries. Very thorough lectures."

"Very good! Many useful tips and hints on how to hold tools properly and grasp the kidney, etc."

"Fantastic Workshop! Would highly recommend it to others."

"Well run, well organized, and wonderful hospitality!"

"I really enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the course, and considered it to be one of the highlights of my postdoctoral training so far."

"It was a good experience and I very much enjoyed myself. I would not hesitate to recommend the course to others."

"I thought the setup was really nice. Everything gradually led into the next and made learning the harder techniques easier."

"I think this course covered more than what I expected and Iā€™m thankful for that. I also really like the manual and CD with all the surgical techniques. That will help when a refresher is needed. All in all it was a great experience and I have nothing bad to say about it."

"I think it was just right ā€“ it was not too much each day- so you were able to take the time to really get comfortable with each procedure."

"Excellent ā€“ everything was well organized and Nancy was fantastic. We had everything we needed."

"I thought it was great that each of us were able to practice each lab with our own mice and our own instruments."

"Overall, course was very informative and helpful and will be used as a solid background in designing future experiments."

"All the trainers were awesome, helpful, and friendly."

"Nancy did a great job. Mark made us all feel at home. Great teamwork."

"Appreciated having so many mice for practice. Also having different people demonstrate was good since they have varied ways of doing things."

"Significant time was allotted for hands-on, was great especially for a beginner like myself."

"Outstanding course! Great service to the kidney community!"