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To initiate transfer of mice from an outside facilty for analysis through the VKDC, the investigator must process, a “Request to Procure Animals from Non-Commercial Sources” form. This will be obtained from the VKDC faculty member responsible for performing the assays. The request forms must be completely filled out to prevent delays. All correspondence regarding Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) must be managed through the Office of Technology Transfer (615)-343-2430 and permission should be granted as needed prior to shipping. It is the responsibility of the Vanderbilt researcher to ensure that all Material Transfer Agreements are approved.

Acquisition of mice is facilitated by a dedicated Shipping Coordinator (SC) within the DAC. The SC is responsible for acquisition of all health related documents described below and submission to Dr. Salleng for evaluation. In addition, the SC will arrange shipping using a dedicated transportation company (for laboratory animals) with climate controlled vehicles.

Vanderbilt currently utilizes a preferred shipping company to ensure quality control and ensure that animals are shipped in environmentally controlled vehicles.
This company is TransporTech (508) 436-6766

Other shipping companies used routinely include:
Bax Global (1-800 CALL BAX)
World Courier (1-800-221-6600)

Vanderbilt reserves the right to refuse shipments during extreme temperatures, unless shipment is guaranteed via climate controlled vehicles, to ensure the safety of the animals.


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