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The Phenotyping and Pathophysiology Core will provide resources for phenotyping of renal function in mouse models of selective gene overexpression or deletion, and the experimental platforms to test potential therapeutic interventions using mouse models of acute or progressive renal injury. This service is designed as an aid for investigators who may have developed genetic mouse models or potential therapeutic interventions but do not have the expertise and/or infrastructure required to design and carry out appropriate kidney phenotyping studies or studies in mouse models of kidney injury.

The Phenotyping Subcore provides a battery of tests of kidney function. These services will be integrated with in vivo imaging techniques to assess renal function as these are developed by the In vivo Imaging Core.  The Pathophysiology Subcore provides investigators cost effective testing of potential pharmaceutical or immunologic therapy strategies in appropriate mouse models of acute or progressive renal injury, as well a preliminary screening of potential renal side effects of drugs in mice. This subcore will provide a sufficiently wide variety of experimental models of mouse kidney injury that offer consistent and reproducible results. The models available include certain unique mouse models of disease that have been developed by VKDC investigators. This subcore therefore provides a means for investigators to test promising new therapeutic interventions in well-defined mouse models of injury. Another major focus of the Core is to develop and test new models of acute and chronic kidney injury. In addition the core will implement an educational program that will promote dissemination of information and investigator training in mouse kidney physiology and pathophysiology.

After contacting the core, the investigator and Core leadership will jointly decide on the optimal tests, model(s), number of mice, dosage, frequency and route of administered agent and time period to be tested. In general, both functional and histologic analyses will be offered. The Core will provide initial screening but is not designed to perform specific customized studies. However, tissue preparation for RNA and/or immunoanalysis will be provided if required by the investigator. The histologic analysis and tissue preparation will be coordinated with the Histology and Morphometry Core.


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