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rabbit polyclonal anti-Cited1 - Renal specific antibody

Antigen Cited1
Source Lab Vision
Catalogue Number RB-9219
Type polyclonal
Raised in rabbit
Affinity purified
Immunogen full length, recombinant human Cited1
Species reactivity human,mouse,rat
Kidney cell types Cap mesenchyme
Other cell types These are the sites we have actually tested: A) Mouse embryo: cardiac trabeculae and liver (before E13.5) B) Adult: human and mouse mammary ductal epithelium; Human Wilms' tumor (Blastema)
Tissue preparation and IHC tips Formalin fixed, paraffin embedded, citrate antigen retrieval, pruimary at 1:1000 usiually overnight. Standard conditions
Other applications
  • Western blot
  • IP
Image (click to zoom)
E15.5 mouse embryonic kidneys from wild type (A) and Cited1 knockout mice (B). Cited1 (red), E-Cadherin (Green)
  • Lovvorn HN, Westrup J, Opperman S, Boyle S, Shi G, Anderson J, Perlman EJ, Perantoni AO, Wills M, de Caestecker M. CITED1 expression in Wilms' tumor and embryonic kidney. Neoplasia (2007) 9:589-600 View in PubMed

  • Boyle S, Shioda T, Perantoni AO, de Caestecker M. Cited1 and Cited2 are differentially expressed in the developing kidney but are not required for nephrogenesis. Dev Dyn (2007) 236:2321-30 View in PubMed

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