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rabbit polyclonal anti-AADC - Renal specific antibody

Antigen AADC
Source Chemical International
Catalogue Number
Type polyclonal
Raised in rabbit
Affinity purified
Immunogen protein
Species reactivity mouse,rat,sheep
Kidney cell types Proximal tubule S1 segment,Proximal tubule S2 segment,Proximal tubule S3 segment,Proximal tubule
Other cell types
Tissue preparation and IHC tips paraffin section
Other applications
  • Western blot
Image (click to zoom) None provided
  • Xu J, Yao B, Fan X, Langworthy MM, Zhang MZ, Harris RC. Characterization of a putative intrarenal serotonergic system. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol (2007) 293:F1468-75 View in PubMed

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