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Podocin-rtTA (Kopp) - Renal specific transgenic database

Common name Podocin-rtTA (Kopp)
Mouse strain FVB
Genebank listing: NPHS2 (7827)
Source Jeffrey Kopp (email)
Renal cell types Glomerular podocytes
Extent of expression/recombination in renal target cells Essentially all podocytes exhibit targeting
Other cell types None
Applications Tet-inducible (Tet On) gene expression in podocytes
Image (click to zoom) None provided
  • Shigehara T, Zaragoza C, Kitiyakara C, Takahashi H, Lu H, Moeller M, Holzman LB, Kopp JB. Inducible podocyte-specific gene expression in transgenic mice. J Am Soc Nephrol (2003) 14:1998-2003 View in PubMed

Availability Yes
Available states Breeding pairs
Available at (source) Jackson Labs. Strain ID: 008202
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