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Sodium-glucose cotransporter-2-Cre - Renal specific transgenic database

Common name Sodium-glucose cotransporter-2-Cre
Mouse strain Other
Genebank listing: SLC5A2 (32767)
Source Michel Tauc (email)
Renal cell types Proximal tubule S1 segment,Proximal tubule S2 segment,Proximal tubule S3 segment,Proximal tubule
Extent of expression/recombination in renal target cells Unknown degree of expression, although 96% of megalin-positive tubules had some lacZ expression indicating recombination. SGLT2 is normally found mainly in the S1 segment of the proximal tubule, however the study did not describe which segments of the proximal tubule exhibited recombination.
Other cell types None
Applications Proximal tubule-specific gene targeting.
Image (click to zoom) None provided
  • Rubera I, Poujeol C, Bertin G, Hasseine L, Counillon L, Poujeol P, Tauc M. Specific Cre/Lox recombination in the mouse proximal tubule. J Am Soc Nephrol (2004) 15:2050-6 View in PubMed

Availability Unknown
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