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Ksp-cadherin-Cre - Renal specific transgenic database

Common name Ksp-cadherin-Cre
Mouse strain Other
Genebank listing: CDH16 (12556)
Source Peter Igarashi (email)
Renal cell types Connecting Tubule,Principal cells (collecting duct),Intercalated cells Type A (collecting duct),Intercalated cells Type B (collecting duct),Intercalated cells Type non-A/N (collecting duct),Thick Limb (Loop of Henle),Distal convoluted tubule,Condensing metanephric mesenchyme (early after UB bud),Ureteric bud
Extent of expression/recombination in renal target cells Incomplete expression from thick ascending limb through collecting duct
Other cell types Ureter, Wolffian duct
Applications Gene targeting in distal nephron
Image (click to zoom) None provided
  • Lin F, Hiesberger T, Cordes K, Sinclair AM, Goldstein LS, Somlo S, Igarashi P. Kidney-specific inactivation of the KIF3A subunit of kinesin-II inhibits renal ciliogenesis and produces polycystic kidney disease. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2003) 100:5286-91 View in PubMed

  • Shao X, Somlo S, Igarashi P. Epithelial-specific Cre/lox recombination in the developing kidney and genitourinary tract. J Am Soc Nephrol (2002) 13:1837-46 View in PubMed

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