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Cited1 CreERT2 - Renal specific transgenic database

Common name Cited1 CreERT2
Mouse strain Mixed
Genebank listing: Cited1 (12705)
Source Mark de Caestecker (email)
Renal cell types Cap mesenchyme
Extent of expression/recombination in renal target cells ~40% of cells in the adult kidney of offspring after single IP injection of tamoxifen (1.5mg) to pregnant dams at E15.5
Other cell types We have seen recombination in embryonic cardiac trabeulae after E12.5 injection, and in mammary epithelium with P0 tamoxifen treatment
Applications So far only used for lineage analysis using R26 reporter mice
Image (click to zoom)
Lineage analysis using Cited1 CreERT2;Rosa26 R LacZ reporter mice. Pregnant dams injected X1 with 1.5mg IP tamoxifen at the indicated times, and offspring sacrificed at 6 weeks post-natally. Kidney b-galactosidase expression in blue.
  • Boyle S, Misfeldt A, Chandler KJ, Deal KK, Southard-Smith EM, Mortlock DP, Baldwin HS, de Caestecker M. Fate mapping using Cited1-CreERT2 mice demonstrates that the cap mesenchyme contains self-renewing progenitor cells and gives rise exclusively to nephronic epithelia. Dev Biol (2008) 313:234-45 View in PubMed

Availability Yes
Available states Breeding pairs
Frozen embryos
Available at (source) PI: Mark de Caestecker
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