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The Vanderbilt Initiative for Surgery and Engineering creates and refines innovative surgical solutions. VISE is supported by federal and corporate funding and includes faculty from several departments in Vanderbilt's Schools of Engineering and Medicine, as well as collaborators from leading institutions across the world, for a unique and productive multidisciplinary environment.

By packing many tools into one advanced, minimally invasive platform, the MAC offers new capabilities for medical providers and less discomfort for patients undergoing colonoscopy or endoscopy. The robot measures 26mm x 11mm. Magnets outside the body guide the tiny MAC system through the colon to find potential trouble spots, which eliminates the need for a rigid device that must be forced into the body. The MAC receives power and control input from a soft tether and can transmit images for real-time viewing and therapy.

Pietro Valdastri, PhD
Christian Di Natali, PhD candidate
Marco Beccani, PhD candidate
Byron Smith, MSSC candidate

This system uses a laser, aimed through a tube inserted into the body through a small incision, to scan the surface of an organ or area of tissue. This allows a computer to show surgeons where their tools are inside the body on a real-time display during surgery. Surgeons can see precisely where to cut to remove anomalies, as well as where not to cut to avoid critical structures such as blood vessels and nerves.

Robert J. Webster, PhD
Robert L. Galloway, PhD
Duke Herrell, MD
Michael Miga, PhD
Reid Thompson, MD

This project aims to make abdominal surgery less invasive using a robot with two arms that can be inserted through one small 15mm incision. The robot provides incredible dexterity while keeping the surgeon's hand in a natural position and providing 3D guidance. It promises to reduce scarring, hernias, infection risk, recovery time and pain.

Nabil Simaan, PhD
Andrea Bajo, PhD Candidate
Roger Goldman, PhD
Kai Xu, PhD
Jienan Ding, PhD

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